Computer-aided design, or CAD, is an essential tool for a variety of industries. CAD puts the power of computing systems to work to create a wide range of designs for business use. CAD software systems are used in the fields of:


• Architecture
• Engineering
• Product design
• Packaging
• Computer animation and modeling
• Special effects for video projects
• Aerospace and aeronautics
• Research in geometry & trigonometry


CAD is also used in numerous other industries to produce 3-D models and 2-D sketches of various items to be fabricated, manufactured or built. Becoming proficient in CAD can be time-consuming and requires constant updating of skills and knowledge in order to stay current with the most recent advances in CAD technology and software packages. CAD comprises a number of specialty services including 3-D wireframe, 3-D parametric solid models and freeform surface modeling. These design services typically require a significant degree of expertise to execute correctly.


CAD outsourcing services
For many smaller companies, outsourcing CAD services can be a wise financial move. Maintaining the necessary staff for basic and advanced CAD projects can be costly and inefficient. Large-scale engineering and architectural firms may require the ongoing services of CAD professionals on an ongoing basis; however, even these bigger companies can realize significant cost savings by entrusting these projects to an outside company. CAD outsourcing services offer a number of benefits for small and large companies alike, including:


• Cost savings
• Increased productivity
• Enhanced quality
• Faster turnaround
• More accurate scheduling


For many companies, CAD outsourcing services can allow greater flexibility and efficiency in managing projects and achieving corporate goals.

Cost savings
CAD outsourcing services typically charge their clients only for the time and the services actually provided. This allows for more accurate budgeting and billing for individual projects and reduces the overall cost of CAD services to the company.


By enlisting the help of an outside firm for CAD projects, companies can improve productivity in other key areas. Staff members can devote their time to the core business pursuits of the company while leaving CAD conversion and processing to the experts in the field.


Enhanced quality
Because CAD conversions are their only business, CAD outsourcing services can typically provide higher quality results for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. By incorporating these professional-grade schematics, drawings and maps into their ongoing projects, the client company can create exceptional presentations and products that can further enhance its reputation in the competitive marketplace.


Faster turnaround times
Most CAD outsourcing services can produce results more quickly than in-house staff due to their deep pool of qualified staff. Improved turnaround times can give client firms an edge over the competition and get the product or project to market sooner.


Improved scheduling
Timing is often the key to success in the corporate world. CAD outsourcing services offer firm deadlines and predictable schedules for their clients, a definite benefit in today's fast-paced business environment. By taking advantage of the reliable results available from CAD outsourcing services, companies can plan ahead to position their products and projects to greatest advantage.


Most engineering and architectural firms can benefit from incorporating CAD outsourcing services into their overall business plan. These advanced on-demand services can enhance efficiency and increase almost any project's chances of success.